Graphics for kids and artists. Processing implemented in Haskell
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Processing for Haskell

Computer Graphics for kids and artists! It's an imperative EDSL for computer graphics. It's very easy to use. The library implements Processing language in Haskell.

Well, But actually it...

... implements a subset of Processing Language in Haskell. So ...

The project needs your help

The Processing being a small language implements some tons of magic with OpenGL under the hood. There are really big implementations of graphics primitives. I can not finish this thing all alone. So if you are really interested in seeing the package finished. If you want all features of Processing be implemented please do contribute!

How to install

You can install it from hackage.

> cabal install processing-for-haskell


If you are familiar with processing you can read:

Also you can read more detailed tutorial. The code examples for tutorial can be found here:

There are many examples to try out at the examples directory.

Missing features

  • Image processing functions

  • 3D drawing

  • Textures

  • Text and font rendering

  • Functions for rendering of complex 2D shapes (polygons with holes)

  • Should check for perlin-noise implementation.