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Windows application that set MS SQL Server alias(es) with predefined groups.

Little application that solves problem connecting to SQL server for development. I got tired of constantly changing config file that holds connection string (web.config in my case) and that file was under source control so I have to be carefull not commit config file with temporary changes. Reason for this changes is a fact that I work on my laptop and dock it at home and at office and on both places I have SQL server on separate machines.

Binaries download at


Configuration is done trough config.json file, example config SqlServerAliasSwitcher/SqlServerAliasSwitcher/config.json sets 3 different configurations, each one suitable for different SQL server locations in different places / local network. In example file there are 3 locations: work, home, laptop. Each configuration defines two Aliases: TESTER, TESTER\SQLExpress.

Configuration file json nodes description:

AliasConfigurations - Alias configurations for one place (office, home, laptop etc.)

AliasConfigurations members:

Name - Alias configuration Name, will be used for caption of tray menu item.
WindowsServices - List of windows service names that should be started when this configuration is set as active (e.g. local SQL server on laptop).
Aliases - Array of alias informations

Alias array members:

Name - SQL Server Alias name
Alias - Address of real SQL Server that will be used for this alias


Windows application that set MS SQL Server alias(es) with predefined groups.






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