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ScalaJS Binding project

Gitter chat channel

scalajs-binding is a scala-scala-js framework that let you

  • bind HTML tags to ScalaJS view classes and their properties
  • have a reactive-event flow (you can bind dom events to Scala.Rx definitions)
  • bind your collections to html element and have html elements as item templates
  • define properties as reactive variables (Scala.Rx is used) that allows to make complex event flow in a reactive way
  • have a tree of scala view-classes in your app
  • some useful predefined controls (like select, codeview and chart) that you can use
  • work with linked data (rdf data) in a convenient way, bind html to RDF properties (BananaRDF support is in progress)


Documentation and examples are at scala-js-binding website.

Using in your project

To use scala-js binding library in your project you should add it to your dependencies. All versions are published to bintray repository ( ) You can depend on scala-js-binding library itself:

resolvers += sbt.Resolver.bintrayRepo("denigma", "denigma-releases") //add resolver
libraryDependencies += "org.denigma" %%% "binding" % "0.8.18"

Or you can use binding-controls library that contains UI controls and is based on scala-js-binding library:

resolvers += sbt.Resolver.bintrayRepo("denigma", "denigma-releases") //add resolver
libraryDependencies += "org.denigma" %%% "binding-controls" % "0.0.27" // to depend on html controls that are based on scala-js-binding lib

Building from source and running examples

To build library from source and to look at some examples: Install sbt Type the following commands:

$ sbt // to open sbt console
$ reStart // will open akka-http application with examples

It will open a local version of scala-js-binding website with some examples at http://localhost:5553/

The Structure of repository

The repo consists of several subprojects:

  • Preview cross-project. This cross-project is not published and used only to show code examples. It contains akka-http based server part and scalajs part with examples.
  • Binding library itself. It is a cross-project, most of its code is in scalajs part.
  • Macro subproject. It is a subproject that is internally used by scala-js-binding to extract reactive variables from views with macro.
  • Controls subproject. It depends on binding subproject and contains some useful html controls and charts.
  • Semantic subproject. It depends on controls subproject and contains integration with Banana-RDF library. It allows to bind RDF properties to HTML and scalajs views.
  • PDF subproject. This subproject is a facade for PDF.js that will be later separated to a separate repository


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