ScalaJS facade for threejs
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threejs facade

This is a ScalaJS facade of threejs javascript 3D library ( ). All the code is inside facade folder (threejs subproject). It also contains some extra classes for easier scene creation and css3d rendering.


In order to resolve a lib you should add a resolver::

resolvers += sbt.Resolver.bintrayRepo("denigma", "denigma-releases") //add resolver
libraryDependencies += "org.denigma" %%% "threejs-facade" % "0.0.77-0.1.8" //add dependency

Gettings started

You can see an example in preview subproject.

To run preview:

    sbt //to opens sbt console
    re-start //Use this command **instead of** run to run the app
    Open localhost:5552 to see the result