Mathematica implementations of machine learning algorithms used for prediction and personalization.
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Mission statement

This open source project is for Mathematica implementations of statistical and machine learning algorithms that can be used for data analysis, prediction, and recommendation systems.

License matters

All code files and executable documents are with the license GPL 3.0. For details see .

All documents are with the license Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0). For details see .


The algorithms implementations are given in Mathematica package files (".m"). Explanations or presentations about the algorithms are given in Mathematica notebook files (".nb").

Here are some fairly unique to the Mathematica landscape algorithms:

The implemented algorithms are (usually) well documented. There are also fair amount of documents with related applications.

Some of the algorithms have counterparts implementations in R or other languages.

Associated blog (at WordPress)

There is a blog associated with this project: .

Anton Antonov
04.07.2013, Florida, USA
11.01.2017, Florida, USA (updated)