WebRTC online meeting room powered by Janus WebRTC gateway.
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WebRTC online meeting room. Powered by Janus WebRTC gateway.

Item Data
Version 2
Maintainer Anton Raharja
License MIT License


Changes up to today:

  • Modification of videoroom plugin demo web app
  • Add dynamic room creation
  • Add labels for easy translation
  • Add a large video box and small video boxes
  • Add a chat box for chatting between room members
  • Add side tab URL, the example is to show whiteboard
  • Early work on enhancing the user interface


Live example of this project is meetme.id. Enter your name and room number, click the join button and share the room number with your friends to start the video conference.


Installation steps:

  • Drop all files in public_html to your own web document root or folder
  • Make sure that the server has HTTPS enabled
  • Modify source codes, mainly index.html, meetme.css and meetme*.js, as you wish
  • Do not touch janus.js and other js files other than meetme*.js unless you know what you're doing

Please note:

  • You do not need to always use meetme.id infrastructure, you can install Janus WebRTC Gateway on your server and use it instead
  • You also don't need to use STUN/TURN if your Janus server is not in the Internet and not serving clients over the Internet, comment iceServers option on meetme_config.js