Soda Dark UI theme for Sublime Text 2 edited for HiDPI screens on Windows
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Soda Dark HiDPI
Soda Dark HiDPI.sublime-theme

Soda Theme HiDPI

Dark UI theme for Sublime Text 2. Edited to force HiDPI on Windows environnement, for a convenient theme on HiDPI screens (such as Apple MBP or latest ASUS Zenbooks)

Original project site:


After : Soda Dark HiDPI Theme

Before : Soda Dark Theme (legacy)


Soda theme HiDPI is designed to work with the latest development build of Sublime Text 2.

Using Git

If you are a git user, you can install the theme and keep up to date by cloning the repo directly into your Packages directory in the Sublime Text 2 application settings area.

You can locate your Sublime Text 2 Packages directory by using the menu item Preferences -> Browse Packages....

While inside the Packages directory, clone the theme repository using the command below:

git clone git:// "Theme - Soda HiDPI"

Download Manually

  • Download the files using the GitHub .zip download option
  • Unzip the files and rename the folder to Theme - Soda HiDPI
  • Copy the folder to your Sublime Text 2 Packages directory

Activating the theme

To configure Sublime Text 2 to use the theme:

  • Open your User Settings Preferences file Sublime Text 2 -> Preferences -> Settings - User
  • Add (or update) your theme entry to be "theme": "Soda Dark HiDPI.sublime-theme"

Example User Settings

    "theme": "Soda Dark HiDPI.sublime-theme"

Additional Features

Alternate Tab Styles

Soda Theme ships with two alternate UI tab styles.

By default, a square tab style is used. If you'd prefer to use the original curved tab style, add the following custom setting to your Settings - User file:

"soda_classic_tabs": true

Soda Tab Styles

Bonus Options

Syntax Highlighting Colour Schemes

The Soda Dark screenshot uses a modified version of Monokai.

If you'd like to use the syntax highlighting schemes shown in the screenshots:

  • Download
  • Unzip and place the extracted tmtheme files in the Sublime Text 2 Packages/User folder
  • Enable the colour scheme via Preferences -> Color Scheme -> User

Screenshot details

The code font shown in the screenshot is Menlo, font used in UI is Ubuntu. Windows Aero theme has been modified by IumKit, and beautiful Freetype-like anti-aliasing is provided by GDIPP.

Known Issues

  • The tab font is truncated : This seems to be due to a ST2 bug. I chose to leave it this way instead of reducing the font size because this is more readable anyway.
  • Quickpanel font keeps small : This seems to be a ST2 bug too


This is a derivative work from Soda Theme by Ian Hill ( Soda Theme is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. You are free to share and remix the theme, however please abide by the license terms when doing so.