Xonotic by the numbers: yearly statistics pulled from XonStatDB and visualized with Matplotlib
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Xonotic By The Numbers

Yearly statistics pulled from XonStatDB and visualized with Matplotlib

Run this script to generate some visualizations of a year of activity in Xonotic. The following metrics are explored:

  • The number of games played per month, by game type.
  • The number of distinct players per month.
  • A heatmap of how many games are played during a given hour of a given day of the week.
  • How weapons are used, damage-wise, per month.
  • How weapons are used, frag-wise, per month.

Running this script requires the numpy, pandas, psycopg2, and matplotlib (of course!) Python packages. It also requires a XonStatDB instance loaded with data! To access this data, one must export the PGPASS and PGUSER environment variables.

usage: xonotic_by_the_numbers.py [-h] [--year YEAR]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
  --year YEAR  Year to calculate