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Map Print

Print a map of roads on a mug.


Here is how the final product look like:

Final product


I love maps and travels. Every time I grab a Vancouver mug - not only it is filled with hot coffee, it is also filled with warm memories.

vancouver mug

Now you too can make a mug from the roads network of a city that you've visited (or planning to visit). Or give it as a gift to those whom you care about. I hope you like what this project does.

I'm giving away the entire source code for free. Yet I think you should know: with every purchase coming from this project, Zazzle gives me a small revenue from the sale. So every purchase supports this project.

Your ideas and suggestions are more than welcomed!


The original map is rendered with mapbox-gl. When you find an area that you like and click the "Start" button - I send request to the OpenStreet Map with Overpass-Turbo API to fetch all the roads in a given bounding box.

These roads are then rendered with my own tiny-toy WebGL rendering engine w-gl. The engine is not ready for production use, but it can render millions of roads very quickly.

Virtualization is a common technique used by mapping software to reduce amount of things rendered on the screen and focus user's attention on major facets of a map. w-gl gives unique opportunity to see how road networks look without virtualization. I.e. every single road is rendered on the screen, regardless of the zoom level.

Sometimes it's just a single large blob of ink, but more often you'd see beautiful patterns on the screen.

That said, I wouldn't recommend zooming out too far. When I tried it - I had either OpenStreetMap failing my requests, or my browser running out of memory. You will see a warning on the screen if you zoom out too far.

Local Development

Get the package and its dependencies

git clone
npm install
cd map-print

And then start the local server:

npm start

This should open a server on http://localhost:8080



If you'd like to support the project - here is my Patreon page: 🧙