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Aori builds institutional-grade DeFi applications for on-chain spot trading and OTC settlement


  1. aori-sdk-ts aori-sdk-ts Public

    The Aori TypeScript SDK for interacting with Aori's Websocket-based API

    TypeScript 12

  2. aori-sdk-rs-old aori-sdk-rs-old Public archive

    Forked from ConnorMJones/aori-rs

    The Aori Rust SDK for interacting with Aori's Websocket-based API

    Rust 8 1

  3. aori-contracts aori-contracts Public

    Smart Contract for the Aori Protocol. Built on top of Seaport.

    Solidity 2

  4. xyk xyk Public

    xyk: cfmm-replicating bots on Aori

    TypeScript 3

  5. grants-and-bounties grants-and-bounties Public

    Bounty board for Aori



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