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A Hugo theme focused on content, cleanliness, speed and responsiveness. The main goal of this theme is to be simple and fast.

A live version of this theme can be found on my personal blog.

Main List Content Dark Mode

Screenshot of theme responsiveness can be found here.

Table of Contents


The main features of this theme include:

  • Page load speed optimizations (scores 99/100 on PageSpeed)
  • Syntax highlighting with chroma
  • Dark mode
  • No JavaScript
  • Multiple categories as navigation tabs
  • Tags and categories have their own pages
  • Footer with variable social links and RSS
  • Google analytics option
  • Table of contents
  • Custom date/time format

Getting Started

If you have not already created a blog, I recommend you check out my getting started guide for a comprehensive overview. Otherwise, just download it or clone it into your themes/ directory:

$ cd themes && git clone

Then reference it in your config:

theme = "temple"

Or when building the site, pass it in to the CLI:

$ hugo -t temple


Your config file will hold all your options:

baseURL = ""
title = "Your Blog Title"
theme = "temple"
# If not set, it will not appear. Otherwise it will show below your footer links
copyright = "(c) 2008 - 2014"

# Enables Chroma-based syntax highlighting with theme "friendly"
# See for other theme options
pygmentsStyle = "friendly"
# If true, Chroma will highlight GitHub-style code fences in addition to
# highlight shortcodes
pygmentsCodeFences = true

  # Enables the topmenu, which pulls from categories
  topmenu = "categories"

  # Enables custom date format (optional, the default is MM-DD-YYYY)
  # For reference to date and time templating, see:
  dateformatpretty = "2006-01-02"

  # Enables dark mode
  # Note that your syntax highlighting should be changed accordingly. If you
  # choose a syntax-highlighting with a white-background it won't appear
  # correctly. See
  darkmode = true

  # Enable table of contents, this can be overridden by page level parameter `toc`.
  toc = true

  # Location of favicon.ico in the "static/" directory
  favicon_location = "favicon.ico" # This assumes it's in static/favicon.ico

# Builds a list page for each category given
  tag = "tags"
  category = "categories"

  name = "Aos Dabbagh"
  github = "aos"
  email = ""
  # Note: GA Javascript snippet is not included if "gaid" is left blank
  gaid = "Your Google Analytics ID"
  twitter = "twitterID"
  medium = "mediumUsername"

There is also a fixed About page on the navbar. Create it using:

$ hugo new about


Contributions are welcome.

Features: If you are adding a feature, fork the repository, create a new branch for your feature and submit a PR. Please make sure to put documentation for your new feature:

  • Place a small comment about what your feature is doing above the code.
  • If making additions that will affect the config file, make sure you update the example config in README as well as the config.toml.

Issues/Bugs: Submit a new issue with information about your issue and/or bug. If you have a solution, then submit a new PR with the guidelines posted above in the features section and link your issue to it using the keyword "closes".


MIT License. See the LICENSE.


A fast, minimal, responsive theme for Hugo







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