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A Hugo theme focused on content, cleanliness, speed and responsiveness. The main goal of this theme is to be simple and fast.

This is a fork of nofancy with many improvements.

A live version of this theme can be found on my personal blog.

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The main features of this theme include:

  • Page load speed optimizations (scores 98/100 on PageSpeed)
  • Syntax highlighting with highlightjs
  • Multiple categories as navigation tabs
  • Tags and categories have their own pages
  • Footer with variable social links and RSS
  • Google analytics enabled

Getting Started

If you have not already created a blog, I recommend you check out my getting started guide for a comprehensive overview. Otherwise, just download it or clone it into your themes/ directory:

$ cd themes && git clone https://github.com/aos/temple.git

Then reference it in your config:

theme = "temple"

Or when building the site, pass it in to the CLI:

$ hugo -t temple


Your config file will hold all your options:

baseURL = "https://aos.github.io/"
title = "Your Blog Title"
theme = "temple"
# If not set, it will not appear. Otherwise it will show below your footer links
copyright = "(c) 2008 - 2014"

  # Enables syntax highlighting
  highlight = true 

  # Supports highlighting for languages not included in the original pack
  # See https://highlightjs.org/download/ for what's included in original pack
  # For reference to all languages, see:
  # https://github.com/isagalaev/highlight.js/tree/master/src/languages
  hjslangs = ["go", "vim"]

  # Enables the topmenu, which pulls from categories
  topmenu = "categories"

# Builds a list page for each category given
  tag = "tags"
  category = "categories"

  name = "Aos Dabbagh"
  github = "aos"
  email = "your@email.com"
  gaid = "Your Google Analytics ID"
  twitter = "twitterID"
  medium = "mediumUsername"

There is also a fixed About page on the navbar. Create it using:

$ hugo new about


Contributions are welcome.

If you are adding a feature, fork the repository, create a new branch for your feature and submit a PR. Please make sure to put documentation for your new feature:

  • Place a small comment about what your feature is doing above the code.
  • If making additions that will affect the config file, make sure you update the example config in README as well as the config.toml.

Submit a new issue with information about your issue and/or bug. If you have a solution, then submit a new PR with the guidelines posted above in the features section and link your issue to it using the keyword "closes".


Licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE.