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# This file is used to populate seccomp's whitelist policy in combination with SYSCALLS.TXT.
# Note that the resultant policy is applied only to zygote spawned processes.
# Any entry in the blacklist must be in the syscalls file and not be in the whitelist file
# This file is processed by a python script named
# Note: Some privileged syscalls are still needed in app process after fork before uid change,
# including capset and setresuid. This is because the seccomp filter must be installed while
# the process still has CAP_SYS_ADMIN; changing the uid would remove that capability.
# syscalls to modify IDs
int setgid:setgid32(gid_t) lp32
int setgid:setgid(gid_t) lp64
int setuid:setuid32(uid_t) lp32
int setuid:setuid(uid_t) lp64
int setregid:setregid32(gid_t, gid_t) lp32
int setregid:setregid(gid_t, gid_t) lp64
int setreuid:setreuid32(uid_t, uid_t) lp32
int setreuid:setreuid(uid_t, uid_t) lp64
int setresgid:setresgid32(gid_t, gid_t, gid_t) lp32
int setresgid:setresgid(gid_t, gid_t, gid_t) lp64
# setresuid is explicitly allowed, see above.
int setfsgid(gid_t) all
int setfsuid(uid_t) all
int setgroups:setgroups32(int, const gid_t*) lp32
int setgroups:setgroups(int, const gid_t*) lp64
# syscalls to modify times
int adjtimex(struct timex*) all
int clock_adjtime(clockid_t, struct timex*) all
int clock_settime(clockid_t, const struct timespec*) all
int settimeofday(const struct timeval*, const struct timezone*) all
int acct(const char* filepath) all
int klogctl:syslog(int, char*, int) all
int chroot(const char*) all
# syscalls to change machine various configurations
int init_module(void*, unsigned long, const char*) all
int delete_module(const char*, unsigned int) all
int mount(const char*, const char*, const char*, unsigned long, const void*) all
int umount2(const char*, int) all
int swapon(const char*, int) all
int swapoff(const char*) all
int setdomainname(const char*, size_t) all
int sethostname(const char*, size_t) all
int __reboot:reboot(int, int, int, void*) all