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Interacting_with_Airavata_using_ipython_Notebook fixing the issues in notebooks and making them compatible with new ma… May 9, 2017
airavata-kubernetes Adding async monitor component Dec 6, 2017
airavata-layered-architecture adding application layer Aug 8, 2017
airavata-mock-multiplexed-api adding jeff kinneson gsoc project Apr 6, 2017
airavata-registry-rest adding jackson json mapping property Nov 13, 2012
airavata-rest-security Adding credential store changes Oct 30, 2012
allocation-manager Integrated notification manager with the latest changes (#33) Dec 14, 2017
api-mock updates on help Sep 13, 2013
client-api-demo Removing the jsps and the associated bean/helper classes. Nov 20, 2012
cwl-workflows Newer report Dec 16, 2017
datacat adding datacat system Aug 21, 2015
genapp-airavata-gsoc2015 adding a staging place for genapp code Jun 1, 2015
gfac-refactoring moving gfac-schema in to new directory. Jun 20, 2012
gfac-sample removing unwanted code. May 27, 2014
grid-tools Updated readme Jun 27, 2013
gsoc2013 commiting the missing patch for AIRAVATA-906 Oct 7, 2013
gsoc2016 adding jeff kinneson gsoc project Apr 6, 2017
gsoc2018 adding a placeholder folder for gsoc projects Aug 7, 2018
handlerTutotial addng handler tutorial content. Mar 29, 2013
helix-playground Add SSH Job Workflow Jun 28, 2017
job-throttler mavening the code Aug 19, 2014
orchestrator adding jobcreation and jobaccepting logic. Jan 8, 2014
osgi-airavata Corrected wrong source location. Adding providers for gram and unicore Jul 15, 2013
registry incorperationg job statuses to registry implementation. Jan 8, 2014
utils adding new job status. Jan 8, 2014
workflow-engine adding workflow engine poc code to the sandbox Nov 26, 2013
workflow-monitoring-util adding rat check pluggin and missing license headers Sep 4, 2012
xbaya-web creating the sandbox area and moving trunk/scratch into it May 23, 2012
.gitignore Updated CPI thrift file (#23) Dec 7, 2017
README creating the sandbox area and moving trunk/scratch into it May 23, 2012


The Apache Airavata sandbox area is for experimental code which are not yet ready to be included in the airavata trunk svn. The status of  of sandbox projects should be discussed in the dev mailing list first. Each sub-project within the sandbox may be discrete and not integrated well.