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chore: Update dist
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GitHub Actions committed Jun 29, 2020
1 parent f04843b commit ae509cd90aa18b678409c5e1004210a7e95738d9
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@@ -215,7 +215,7 @@ function sanitizeGithubWorkflowName(name) {
// Workflow names can be almost any valid UTF-8 string, but tags are more restrictive.
// This replaces anything not conforming to the tag restrictions by inverting the regular expression.
// See the AWS documentation for constraint specifics
const nameWithoutSpecialCharacters = name.replace(/[^\p{L}\p{Z}\p{N}_.:/=+-@]/gu, SANITIZATION_CHARACTER);
const nameWithoutSpecialCharacters = name.replace(/[^\p{L}\p{Z}\p{N}_:/=+.-@-]/gu, SANITIZATION_CHARACTER);
const nameTruncated = nameWithoutSpecialCharacters.slice(0, MAX_TAG_VALUE_LENGTH)
return nameTruncated

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