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bodewig committed Jul 26, 2014
1 parent 1819e65 commit 689439c59e9d373127e6589b246a3ea74b79be3d
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@@ -21,57 +21,18 @@ under the License.
Interim build-snippet.
<<<<<<< HEAD
The AntLibs depend on the common build infrastructure supplied by the
antlibs-common project. In subversion these are included via svn:external
directive. After migration to git there is need to have successor to that
directive. Until we have that, we could do a 'manual' git-clone.
>>>>>>> add common submodule
The original of this snippet is maintained in the antlib-common project.
<project default="bootstrap" xmlns:unless="ant:unless" xmlns:if="ant:if">

<<<<<<< HEAD
<!-- AntLib-common Git-URL, so we could 'svn:external' that manually. -->
<property name="antlib.common.git" value=""/>
<!-- Git executable -->
<property name="git" value="git"/>

>>>>>>> add common submodule
<!-- Which released version of AntUnit to use, where to download, where to store. -->
<property name="antunit.version" value="1.3"/>
<property name="antunit.url" value="${antunit.version}/ant-antunit-${antunit.version}.jar"/>
<property name="antunit.file" value="ant-antunit.jar"/>

<!-- Skip unnecessary tasks. -->
<<<<<<< HEAD
<available property="common.present" file="common" type="dir"/>
<available property="antunit.present" file="${antunit.file}"/>

<target name="clone-common" unless="common.present">
<echo message="cloning antlib-common"/>
<exec executable="${git}" taskname="git">
<arg value="clone"/>
<arg value="${antlib.common.git}"/>
<arg value="common"/>

<target name="update-common" if="common.present">
<echo message="updating antlib-common"/>
<exec executable="${git}" dir="common" taskname="git">
<arg value="pull"/>

<available property="antunit.present" file="${antunit.file}"/>

>>>>>>> add common submodule
<target name="update-prepare-script">
<echo>updating prepare.xml</echo>
<copy file="common/prepare.xml" tofile="prepare.xml"/>
@@ -85,13 +46,8 @@ The original of this snippet is maintained in the antlib-common project.

<!-- Use a 'bootstrap-phase' so changes of the preparation could be catched in the same CI-cycle. -->
<target name="bootstrap"
<<<<<<< HEAD
description="Bootstraps the preparation script by cloning the antlib-common and updating this script from there."
description="Bootstraps the preparation script by updating this script from common."
>>>>>>> add common submodule
<echo>Bootstrap done. Next step:</echo>
<echo> ant -f prepare.xml prepare</echo>
@@ -106,8 +62,4 @@ The original of this snippet is maintained in the antlib-common project.
<echo> ant -lib ${antunit.file} -lib build/lib test</echo>

<<<<<<< HEAD
>>>>>>> add common submodule

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