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	ICONV - Charset Conversion Library. Version 1.0

This distribution contains the library (libiconv.a and .so) for
conversion between various charsets (character encoding schemes)
and the command line utility (iconv).

Syntax of the library functions (iconv_open, iconv, iconv_close)
and the utility is described in the man pages.

Features of the library:
	- small size: the actual conversion methods are located
	  in dynamically loaded shared modules, representing
	  either a character encoding scheme (CES), or a coded
	  character set (CCS); 
	- open module API: adding new modules (both CESs and
	  CCSs) is easy. Although the API has not been documented,
	  it is rather simple to be figured out from the sources;
	- BSD-style copyright;
	- POSIX compliance of iconv_open, iconv and iconv_close
	- support for aliases for charset names via UNIX symbolic
	- ISO/IEC 10646 conformance of the internal representation
	  of characters; conversion is always done in two steps:
	  (1) a sequence of zero or more bytes from input buffer
	  coded in the source charset is converted to exactly one
	  valid UCS-4 character and (2) the UCS-4 character is
	  converted to a sequence of zero or more bytes in
	  the target charset to the output buffer;
	- standard sources of CCS tables: all C source files of
	  the tables have been generated by a Perl script from
	  the Unicode and RFC1345 charset mapping tables before
	  being included to the package.

				Konstantin Chuguev
				September 2000.
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