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BIGTOP-3200. Bugfix Integration test framework 2.0 and documentation (#…
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evans-ye committed Mar 29, 2019
1 parent d9d3f89 commit 8d6d6d3d8c082c7f4eebc0071805c10426e23608
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@@ -59,30 +59,6 @@ There are lots of ways to contribute. People with different expertise can help

Also, opening [JIRA's]( and getting started by posting on the mailing list is helpful.

CTR model

Bigtop supports Commit-Then-Review model of development. The following
rules will be used for the CTR process:
* a committer can go ahead and commit the patch without mandatory review if
felt confident in its quality (e.g. reasonable testing has been done
locally; all compilations pass; RAT check is passed; the patch follows
coding guidelines)
* a committer is encouraged to seek peer-review and/or advice before hand if
there're doubts in the approach taken, design decision, or implementation
* a committer should keep an eye on the official CI builds at (Bigtop-trunk-packages builds)
to make sure that committed changes haven't break anything. In
which case the committer should take a timely effort to resolve the issues
and unblock the others in the community
* any non-document patch is required to be opened for at least 24 hours for
community feedback before it gets committed unless it has an explicit +1
from another committer
* any non-document patch needs to address all the comment and reach consensus
before it gets committed without a +1 from other committers
* there's no changes in the JIRA process, except as specified above

What do people use Apache Bigtop for?

@@ -273,7 +249,7 @@ And `base_version` is to overwrite:
Example for Kafka:
./gradlew kafka-pkg -Pgit_repo= -Pgit_ref=1.1 -Pgit_sha1=4dae083af486eaedd27c69c973c74605bffd416b -Pbase_version=1.1.1 --info
./gradlew kafka-pkg-ind -Pgit_repo= -Pgit_ref=trunk -Pgit_commit_hash=dc0601a1c604bea3f426ed25b6c20176ff444079 -Pbase_version=2.2.0
You can mix both ways to build from Git, but command line always overwrites ``.
@@ -86,6 +86,7 @@ RESULT=$?

# save result
mkdir -p output
docker cp $CONTAINER_ID:/bigtop/build .
docker cp $CONTAINER_ID:/bigtop/output .
docker rm -f $CONTAINER_ID

@@ -268,7 +268,7 @@ Properties:
-Pnexus=[NEXUS_URL] (NEXUS_URL is optional)
-Prun_smoke_tests (run test components defined in config file)
@@ -320,9 +320,9 @@ Specify custom configuration file:
if (project.hasProperty("repo")) {
if (project.hasProperty("repository")) {
if (project.hasProperty("memory")) {
@@ -173,7 +173,7 @@ smoke-tests() {
destroy() {
if [ -z ${PROVISION_ID+x} ]; then
echo "No cluster exists!"
exit 1
exit 0
docker exec ${NODES[0]} bash -c "umount /etc/hosts; rm -f /etc/hosts"
if [ -n "$PROVISION_ID" ]; then

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