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Update instructions for testing with your own CCM branch
patch by Ekaterina Dimitrova, reviewed by Berenguer Blasi and Josh McKenzie for CASSANDRA-17182
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ekaterinadimitrova2 committed Jan 26, 2022
1 parent a0872a7 commit 2138acc178f5fb08e641883c044eb5c54a89c1de
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@@ -90,6 +90,8 @@ test fails, the logs for the node are saved in a `logs/<timestamp>` directory
for analysis (it's not perfect but has been good enough so far, I'm open to
better suggestions).

In case you want to run tests using your own CCM branch, please, refer to the comments in requirements.txt for details how to do that.

Writing Tests

@@ -6,6 +6,9 @@
# git tag -a -f cassandra-test
# git push origin :refs/tags/cassandra-test
# git push -f origin refs/tags/cassandra-test
# In case you want to test a patch with your own CCM branch, further to changing below CCM repo and branch name, you need to add -e flag at the beginning
# Example: -e git+

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