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Change release notes to use new commons tag format
Add note about how to modify the release notes during a release process.
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aherbert committed Sep 13, 2021
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@@ -69,6 +69,21 @@ This process allows:
- if necessary to have multiple release managers or help on the
release as the X.Y-release branch is shared


When performing a release it is good practice to edit a copy of these notes during the process
and merge the updated document into the repository following a release. To assist in this process
a find-and-replace can be performed to update all the version numbers in order. For example
based on a previous release of 1.4:

- Next development version : 1.5 -> 1.6
- Next release version : 1.4 -> 1.5
- Previous release version : 1.3 -> 1.4
- Release candidate version : RC1 -> RC2 (if applicable)

This allows the included commands to be coped during the release process.

Preliminary checks:
@@ -167,16 +182,6 @@ Switch to the release branch:
$ git checkout 1.4-release

(3a) TODO: For the next release update this document to change the tag format
to match the updated standard for commons:

RNG_1_4_RC1 -> commons-rng-1.4-RC1

Release tag:


If there have been changes committed in the master branch or the version
branch since the creation of the release branch, there are two cases:
@@ -296,21 +301,21 @@ Then, assuming the first candidate, the suffix will be "RC1" (this should
be the same as in the "<properties>" in the "pom.xml"), and the command
will be:

$ git tag -u "__Your_key_id__" -s -m "RC1." RNG_1_4_RC1
$ git tag -u "__Your_key_id__" -s -m "RC1." commons-rng-1.4-RC1

If you have several GPG keys, you may prefer to use "-u keyId" to select a specific
key for signing the tag instead of "-s" which select automatically one key
from the configured e-mail address.

Check the tag GPG signature:

$ git tag -v RNG_1_4_RC1
$ git tag -v commons-rng-1.4-RC1

You will get something like:

object cf4a9d70c9ac24dd7196995390171150e4e56451
type commit
tag RNG_1_4_RC1
tag commons-rng-1.4-RC1
tagger YourName <YourApacheEmail> 1418934614 +0100

@@ -330,7 +335,7 @@ Switch to a new directory out of your regular workspace, and retrieve
the official tag from the Apache repository:

$ cd /tmp
$ git clone --branch RNG_1_4_RC1
$ git clone --branch commons-rng-1.4-RC1

In the command above, the --branch option accepts both branch names and tags names,
so we specify directly the tag here. Git will warn that the resulting workspace
@@ -551,7 +556,7 @@ Template the vote using this command (run from the dist-archive module):

$ mvn org.apache.commons:commons-release-plugin:vote-txt \ \

See target/VOTE.txt. This must be heavily edited. It is useful to generate the release hashes.

@@ -565,12 +570,12 @@ Apache Commons RNG 1.4 RC1 is available for review here: (svn revision 49724)

The Git tag commit for this RC is RNG_1_4_RC1 which you can browse here:;a=commit;h=RNG_1_4_RC1
The Git tag commit for this RC is commons-rng-1.4-RC1 which you can browse here:;a=commit;h=commons-rng-1.4-RC1

You may checkout this tag using:
git clone --branch RNG_1_4_RC1 commons-rng-1.4-RC1
(signature can be checked from git using 'git tag -v RNG_1_4_RC1')
git clone --branch commons-rng-1.4-RC1 commons-rng-1.4-RC1
(signature can be checked from git using 'git tag -v commons-rng-1.4-RC1')

Commit ID the tag points at:
@@ -832,15 +837,15 @@ in the SVN repository.
In the git repository, put the official final tag to point at the same commit
as the **last release candidate** tag:

$ git tag -v RNG_1_4_RCX
$ git tag -v commons-rng-1.4-RC1

Check the commit hash then add the release tag.
Note: The 'rel/' prefix adds the tag to the release section of the tags.
This cannot be deleted once pushed to the main repository due to restrictions
on this section of the tag namespace (preventing deletion of official release

$ git tag -u "__Your_key_id__" -s -m "RCX becomes v1.4 official release." rel/commons-rng-1.4 [commit hash]
$ git tag -u "__Your_key_id__" -s -m "RC1 becomes v1.4 official release." rel/commons-rng-1.4 [commit hash]
$ git tag -v rel/commons-rng-1.4
$ git log -1
$ git push --tags

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