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Apache Fluo website

Code powering the Apache Fluo website (https://fluo.apache.org). Contributing describes how to test locally.

Update website for new release

Below are the steps required to update the Fluo project website for a new release of Fluo or Fluo Recipes. The steps below assume you are releasing Fluo 1.2.0. For a Fluo Recipes release, replace any reference to fluo with recipes.

  1. Confirm that Javadocs for the release are hosted externally

  2. Modify _config.yml for the new release:

    • Set latest_fluo_release to 1.2.0
    • Verify default values (i.e Javadoc & GitHub URLs) set for fluo-1-2 collection
  3. Remove the "Future release" warning from the Fluo docs layout in _layouts/fluo-1.2.html

  4. Add link to 1.2 documentation in docs/index.md.

  5. Add link to 1.2 javadocs in pages/api.md.

  6. If a post exists for the release in _posts/release, update the date and remove draft: true from the post to publish it. Otherwise, create a post with release notes and resources to announce the release.

Create documentation for next release

Below are steps to create documentation for the next release of Fluo or Fluo Recipes. The directions below are for creating Fluo 1.3 docs from 1.2 docs. For Fluo Recipes documentation, replace any reference to fluo with recipes.

  1. Create the Fluo 1.3 docs from the 1.2 docs

     cp -r _fluo-1-2 _fluo-1-3
  2. Create a fluo-1.3.html layout and update any collection references in it to fluo-1-3. You should also add a warning banner to notify users that it's for a future release.

     cp _layouts/fluo-1.2.html _layouts/fluo-1.3.html
     vim _layout/fluo-1.3.html
  3. Update _config.yml by adding a fluo-1-3 collection and setting default values for it. You may want to keep 1.2 values for github & javadocs until 1.3 is released.

Committer instructions

To publish Fluo's website the gh-pages branch must be rendered into the asf-site branch. The script _scripts/git-hooks/post-commit automates rendering into the asf-site branch. The commands below serve as a guide for committers who wish to publish the web site.

 # ensure local asf-site branch is up to date
 git checkout asf-site 
 git pull upstream asf-site

 # switch to gh-pages branch, update it, and build new site 
 git checkout gh-pages
 git pull upstream gh-pages 

 # switch to asf-site, look at the commit created by post-commit script, and push it if ok
 git checkout asf-site 
 git log -p
 git push upstream asf-site 

In the commands above upstream is

$ git remote -v | grep upstream
upstream	https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/fluo-website/ (fetch)
upstream	https://gitbox.apache.org/repos/asf/fluo-website/ (push)``