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dev-support HADOOP-10325. Improve Jenkins Javadoc warnings from test-patch.sh (cm… Feb 6, 2014
hadoop-assemblies HADOOP-9902. Shell script rewrite (aw) Aug 19, 2014
hadoop-client HADOOP-10717. Revert r1603571. Jun 18, 2014
hadoop-common-project HADOOP-10282. Create a FairCallQueue: a multi-level call queue which … Aug 22, 2014
hadoop-dist HADOOP-10433. Key Management Server based on KeyProvider API. (tucu) May 5, 2014
hadoop-hdfs-project HDFS-6899. Allow changing MiniDFSCluster volumes per DN and capacity … Aug 23, 2014
hadoop-mapreduce-project MAPREDUCE-6044. Fully qualified intermediate done dir path breaks per… Aug 22, 2014
hadoop-maven-plugins HADOOP-10666. Remove Copyright /d/d/d/d Apache Software Foundation fr… Jun 16, 2014
hadoop-minicluster Changed version in trunk to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT. Mar 28, 2012
hadoop-project-dist Merge from trunk to branch Aug 5, 2014
hadoop-project Merge from trunk to branch. Aug 18, 2014
hadoop-tools MAPREDUCE-5130. Add missing job config options to mapred-default.xml … Aug 21, 2014
hadoop-yarn-project YARN-2393. FairScheduler: Add the notion of steady fair share. (Wei Y… Aug 22, 2014
.gitattributes HADOOP-10040. svn propset to native line endings on Windows files. Co… Oct 14, 2013
.gitignore HADOOP-9361: site and gitignore Jul 3, 2014
BUILDING.txt merge from trunk r1617527 Aug 12, 2014
pom.xml HADOOP-10273. Fix 'mvn site'. Feb 5, 2014