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Dolphin Scheduler is a distributed and easy-to-expand visual DAG workflow scheduling system, dedicated to solving the complex dependencies in data processing, making the scheduling system out of the box for data processing.(分布式易扩展的可视化工作流任务调度)
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lenboo and qiaozhanwei merge dev-db to dev (#1426)
* [dolphinscheduler-1345] [newfeature] Add DB2 Datasource (#1391)

* Fix the problem that the 'queueId' is not present when creating a tenant based on the default queue. (#1409)

* dolphinscheduler-#1403][bug]improve the check rules (#1408)

1. When check failed, we don’t know whitch parameter has is wrong, Because username、password、email and phone were checks together. I refactored the check method ,Now it will return failed msg by each field.
2. The email check regex support [_|\-|\.]?) in createUser.vue, But it do not support in backend server , I fix it, Now they have the same check regex both in frontend and backend

* jcip-annotations define version information and maven-assembly-plugin add groupId (#1413)

* "v-for" add key (#1419)

* [dolphinscheduler-#1397] [bug]Resources can not be previewed or updated  (#1406)

When create an resource the name will add the suffix, But When rename the resource there is no suffix add to the name, So When update resource name without suffix just like "" => "test" , Then the bug reproduced.

To fix this bug i add the logic bellow:
When rename, if the name without suffix then add it ,else use the origin name

* simply server module configs (#1424)

* move updateTaskState into try/catch block in case of exception

* fix NPE

* using conf.getInt instead of getString

* for AbstractZKClient, remove the log, for it will print the same log message in createZNodePath.
for AlertDao, correct the spelling.

* duplicate

* refactor getTaskWorkerGroupId

* add friendly log

* update hearbeat thread num = 1

* fix the bug when worker execute task using queue. and remove checking Tenant user anymore in TaskScheduleThread

* 1. move verifyTaskInstanceIsNull after taskInstance
2. keep verifyTenantIsNull/verifyTaskInstanceIsNull clean and readable

* fix the message

* delete before check to avoid KeeperException$NoNodeException

* fix the message

* check processInstance state before delete tenant

* check processInstance state before delete worker group

* refactor

* merge api constants into common constatns

* update the resource perm

* update the dataSource perm

* fix CheckUtils.checkUserParams method

* update AlertGroupService, extends from BaseService, remove duplicate methods

* refactor

* modify method name

* add hasProjectAndPerm method

* using checkProject instead of getResultStatus

* delete checkAuth method, using hasProjectAndPerm instead.

* correct spelling

* add transactional for deleteWorkerGroupById

* add Transactional for deleteProcessInstanceById method

* change sqlSessionTemplate singleton

* change sqlSessionTemplate singleton and reformat code

* fix unsuitable error message

* update shutdownhook methods

* fix worker log bug

* fix api server debug mode bug

* upgrade zk version

* delete this line ,for zkClient.close() will do the whole thing

* fix master server shutdown error

* degrade zk version and add FourLetterWordMain class

* fix PathChildrenCache not close

* add Transactional for createSession method

* add more message for java-doc

* delete App, let spring manage connectionFactory

* add license

* add class Application for test support

* refactor masterServer and workerServer

* add args

* fix the spring transaction not work bug

* remove author

* delete @bean annotation

* delete master/worker properties

* updates

* rename to

* delete this class

* delete master/worker properties and  refactory master/worker

* delete unused imports

* merge

* delete unused config
Latest commit a527782 Dec 10, 2019