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Add some info on SVN topics
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@@ -21,6 +21,7 @@ To subscribe to multiple topic batches in an OR'ed way, you may use a comma to s

Some examples:

* To subscribe to all svn commits; ``
* To subscribe to all git commits; ``
* To subscribe to all git events (push+commit) for whimsy.git; ``
* To subscribe to all `` emails: ``
@@ -29,6 +30,16 @@ Some examples:
* To subscribe to all JIRA events for the HADOOP JIRA instance: ``
* To subscribe to *both* JIRA and email streams for tomcat in one go: `,email/`

Public SVN repo topics consist of 'svn', the first one or two path segments after the /repo/ in the URL, and 'commit'.
For example, changes to the repository `` have the topics `svn/dist/release/commit`.
A commit that involves changes to both `dist/release` and `dist/dev` has the topics `svn/dist/commit`.
Note that `svn/dist/release/commit` will not match, because the topics in the response do not include `release`.

Private SVN repos topics are constructed in the same way, but have an additional 'private' topic.
For example `` returns commits for

## Event payload examples

Pings are simple objects like this:

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