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PredictionIO, a machine learning server for developers and ML engineers.
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assembly [PIO-135] Remove incubating status Oct 21, 2017
bin Add document for upgrading to 0.14.0 Feb 20, 2019
common [PIO-31] Move from spray to akka-http (#474) Oct 13, 2018
conf [PIO-181] Drop Elasticsearch 1 support (#512) Apr 5, 2019
core [PIO-211] Fix pio deploy fail when using HDFS model storage Jul 31, 2019
data Fix a bug that prevents events with targetEntityType and targetEntity… ( Jul 17, 2019
docker Update spark binary download URL (#514) May 17, 2019
docs Merge Jun 17, 2019
e2 [PIO-192] Enhance PySpark support (#494) Dec 10, 2018
examples [PIO-208] Fix examples according to the latest templates (#515) Jun 4, 2019
project [PIO-181] Drop Elasticsearch 1 support (#512) Apr 5, 2019
python/pypio [PIO-192] Enhance PySpark support (#494) Dec 10, 2018
sbt [PIO-53] Convert unit tests to run in Docker as well Feb 17, 2017
storage [PIO-181] Drop Elasticsearch 1 support (#512) Apr 5, 2019
tests [PIO-181] Drop Elasticsearch 1 support (#512) Apr 5, 2019
tools Set engine id, version, variant, even in Python Jul 25, 2019
.gitattributes Prevent .travis.yml from being overwritten Jul 17, 2015
.gitignore [PIO-57] Add SBT Native Packager Mar 30, 2017
.project fixed CLI of classification engine template Nov 3, 2014
.travis.yml Merge Jun 17, 2019 [PIO-135] Remove incubating status Oct 21, 2017
Dockerfile [PIO-135] Remove incubating status Oct 21, 2017
KEYS Prepare 0.13.0-rc1 Sep 12, 2018
LICENSE.txt Bump patch versions for akka and hadoop (#490) Oct 27, 2018
NOTICE.txt [PIO-135] Remove incubating status Oct 21, 2017 Update release instructions for PMC Mar 12, 2019 Fixed install-with-docker link (#505) Jan 17, 2019 Update Mar 11, 2019
build.sbt Merge Jun 17, 2019
doap.rdf [PIO-185] develop Gitbox link Update Oct 26, 2018 [PIO-153] Allow use of GNU tar on non-GNU systems Sep 27, 2018
scalastyle-config.xml [PIO-12] Add a rule for checking Scala documentation style Aug 2, 2016

Apache PredictionIO

Build Status

Apache PredictionIO is an open source machine learning framework for developers, data scientists, and end users. It supports event collection, deployment of algorithms, evaluation, querying predictive results via REST APIs. It is based on scalable open source services like Hadoop, HBase (and other DBs), Elasticsearch, Spark and implements what is called a Lambda Architecture.

To get started, check out!

Table of contents


A few installation options available.

Quick Start

Bugs and Feature Requests

Use Apache JIRA to report bugs or request new features.


Documentation, included in this repo in the docs/manual directory, is built with Middleman and publicly hosted at

Interested in helping with our documentation? Read Contributing Documentation.


Keep track of development and community news.


Read the Contribute Code page.

You can also list your projects on the Community Project page.


Apache PredictionIO is under Apache 2 license.

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