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Welcome to the royale-compiler wiki!

This repo contains the code for the compiler and command-line debugger for Apache Royale. The compiler takes MXML and ActionScript (and CSS) as inputs. The main output of the compiler is JavaScript (some call it a transpiler or cross-compiler). The compiler can also output SWFs for the Adobe Flash runtimes. There is some initial work on Web Assembly output. The compiler has been designed to make it relatively straightforward to add additional output formats.

The code is based on the ActionScript Compiler 2.0 donated to Apache by Adobe. The SWF output was pretty much working at the time of donation. The JavaScript output code is a new implementation by Apache committers and is still beta-quality, although at least one application transpiled by the Royale Compiler is now in production.

To learn how to use the compiler, see Compiler User Guide

To learn how to write code for the compiler, start with Compiler Developer Guide


Developer Pages


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