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@HoustonPutman HoustonPutman released this 13 Sep 18:46
· 180 commits to main since this release

Upgrade Notes & Compatibility Warnings

  • Please refer to the documentation for a complete list of upgrade warnings
  • The Zookeeper Operator dependency has been upgraded to v0.2.12 (#271)
  • Removed deprecated Solr Operator Helm chart option useZkOperator, use zookeeper-operator.use instead (#286)

New Features

  • A helm chart to template and deploy SolrCloud resources (#112)
  • Ability to schedule automatic restarts for SolrClouds (#281)
  • Ability to use HostPath volumes for ephemeral Solr storage (#266)
  • Customize serviceAccountName for SolrCloud and SolrPrometheusExporter (#264)
  • Introduced ephemeral option for Zookeeper storage (#259)
  • Ability to customize probes for PrometheusExporter (#282)
  • Add a mountedServerTLSDir config option to support a unique certificate per pod mounted dynamically by an external agent or CSI driver (#291)
  • Ability to terminate TLS at Ingress for SolrCloud (#268)
  • Ability to schedule automatic restarts for SolrPrometheusExporters (#310)
  • Ability to specify ZK Config properties for provided Zookeeper Clusters (#290)
  • Option to watch for updates to the mTLS client certificate used by the operator to call Solr pods (#317)
  • Configuration options to support an additional client TLS cert in addition to the server certificate (#300)


  • Default Solr Version upgraded to 8.9, does not affect existing clouds (#285)
  • Changed Solr Operator base Docker image to reduce vulnerabilities (#294)
  • Grant access to the /admin/zookeeper/status path to the k8s role in the initial security.json (#289)

Bug Fixes

  • Remove users role from the all permission in the initial security.json (#274)