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[SPARK-24879][SQL] Fix NPE in Hive partition pruning filter pushdown

## What changes were proposed in this pull request?
We get a NPE when we have a filter on a partition column of the form `col in (x, null)`. This is due to the filter converter in HiveShim not handling `null`s correctly. This patch fixes this bug while still pushing down as much of the partition pruning predicates as possible, by filtering out `null`s from any `in` predicate. Since Hive only supports very simple partition pruning filters, this change should preserve correctness.

## How was this patch tested?
Unit tests, manual tests

Author: William Sheu <>

Closes #21832 from PenguinToast/partition-pruning-npe.

(cherry picked from commit bbd6f0c)
Signed-off-by: Xiao Li <>
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PenguinToast authored and gatorsmile committed Jul 21, 2018
1 parent db1f3cc commit bd6bfacb2ef473b858cc91e0692591deaea26118
@@ -599,6 +599,7 @@ private[client] class Shim_v0_13 extends Shim_v0_12 {

object ExtractableLiteral {
def unapply(expr: Expression): Option[String] = expr match {
case Literal(null, _) => None // `null`s can be cast as other types; we want to avoid NPEs.
case Literal(value, _: IntegralType) => Some(value.toString)
case Literal(value, _: StringType) => Some(quoteStringLiteral(value.toString))
case _ => None
@@ -607,7 +608,23 @@ private[client] class Shim_v0_13 extends Shim_v0_12 {

object ExtractableLiterals {
def unapply(exprs: Seq[Expression]): Option[Seq[String]] = {
val extractables =
// SPARK-24879: The Hive metastore filter parser does not support "null", but we still want
// to push down as many predicates as we can while still maintaining correctness.
// In SQL, the `IN` expression evaluates as follows:
// > `1 in (2, NULL)` -> NULL
// > `1 in (1, NULL)` -> true
// > `1 in (2)` -> false
// Since Hive metastore filters are NULL-intolerant binary operations joined only by
// `AND` and `OR`, we can treat `NULL` as `false` and thus rewrite `1 in (2, NULL)` as
// `1 in (2)`.
// If the Hive metastore begins supporting NULL-tolerant predicates and Spark starts
// pushing down these predicates, then this optimization will become incorrect and need
// to be changed.
val extractables = exprs
.filter {
case Literal(null, _) => false
case _ => true
if (extractables.nonEmpty && extractables.forall(_.isDefined)) {
} else {
@@ -72,6 +72,20 @@ class FiltersSuite extends SparkFunSuite with Logging with PlanTest {
(Literal("p2\" and q=\"q2") === a("stringcol", StringType)) :: Nil,
"""stringcol = 'p1" and q="q1' and 'p2" and q="q2' = stringcol""")

filterTest("SPARK-24879 null literals should be ignored for IN constructs",
(a("intcol", IntegerType) in (Literal(1), Literal(null))) :: Nil,
"(intcol = 1)")

// Applying the predicate `x IN (NULL)` should return an empty set, but since this optimization
// will be applied by Catalyst, this filter converter does not need to account for this.
filterTest("SPARK-24879 IN predicates with only NULLs will not cause a NPE",
(a("intcol", IntegerType) in Literal(null)) :: Nil,

filterTest("typecast null literals should not be pushed down in simple predicates",
(a("intcol", IntegerType) === Literal(null, IntegerType)) :: Nil,

private def filterTest(name: String, filters: Seq[Expression], result: String) = {
test(name) {

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