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Pronouncing is a simple interface for the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary. It's easy to use and has no external dependencies. For example, here's how to find rhymes for a given word:

>>> import pronouncing
>>> pronouncing.rhymes("climbing")
['diming', 'liming', 'priming', 'rhyming', 'timing']

Read the documentation here: https://pronouncing.readthedocs.org.

I made Pronouncing because I wanted to be able to use the CMU Pronouncing Dictionary in my projects (and teach other people how to use it) without having to install the grand behemoth that is NLTK.


Install with pip like so:

pip install pronouncing

You can also download the source code and install manually:

python setup.py install


The Python code in this module is distributed with a BSD license.


This package was originally developed as part of my Spring 2015 research fellowship at ITP. Thank you to the program and its students for their interest and support!