Attempt to create a Mini-Map / Birds-eye-view plugin for eclipse
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How to install

  • Copy/Paste the content of dropins to your eclipse/dropins folder
  • Window -> Show View -> Other -> MiniMap -> MiniMap


What should work

  • Display a preview of the editor content in the minimap
  • Highlight the viewable part of the editor in the minimap
  • Scroll/click/drag in the minimap -> scroll the editor
  • Scroll/click in the editor -> scroll in the minimap
  • Use the editor colors (syntax, background, selection) in the minimap

What doesn't work (yet)

  • Scale the preview of the minimap to display the full content of the editor (big files)

Test environment

  • Tested with Eclipse Juno Version: 4.2.1
  • Java, Text and XML editors
  • Java >= 1.6.0


Eclipse Public License