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Applied Parallel Computing LLC

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  1. nvcc-llvm-ir nvcc-llvm-ir Public

    Enabling on-the-fly manipulations with LLVM IR code of CUDA sources

    C++ 96 26

  2. moviemaker-cpp moviemaker-cpp Public

    Encode video frame by frame in C++ using FFmpeg

    C++ 83 14

  3. whippletree whippletree Public

    Whippletree, a novel approach to scheduling dynamic, irregular workloads on the GPU

    Cuda 20 8

  4. liboffloadmic liboffloadmic Public

    Standalone libgomp with MIC backend for explicit CUDA-like Xeon Phi device programming

    C 11 4

  5. crlibm crlibm Public

    Hybrid CPU/GPU version of CERN math library

    C 8

  6. cernlib cernlib Public

    CERN Program Library

    Fortran 34 8


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