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CAS Overlay Template

Generic CAS WAR overlay to exercise the latest versions of CAS. This overlay could be freely used as a starting template for local CAS war overlays.


  • CAS 6.0.x
  • JDK 11


You may invoke build commands using the build.sh script to work with your chosen overlay using:

./build.sh [command]

To see what commands are available to the build script, run:

./build.sh help


  • The etc directory contains the configuration files and directories that need to be copied to /etc/cas/config.
  • The specifics of the build are controlled using the gradle.properties file.

Adding Modules

CAS modules may be specified under the dependencies block of the Gradle build script:

dependencies {
    compile "org.apereo.cas:cas-server-some-module:${project.casVersion}"

Study material:

Clear Gradle Cache

If you need to, on Linux/Unix systems, you can delete all the existing artifacts (artifacts and metadata) Gradle has downloaded using:

# Only do this when absolutely necessary!
rm -rf $HOME/.gradle/caches/

Same strategy applies to Windows too, provided you switch $HOME to its equivalent in the above command.


  • Create a keystore file thekeystore under /etc/cas. Use the password changeit for both the keystore and the key/certificate entries.
  • Ensure the keystore is loaded up with keys and certificates of the server.

On a successful deployment via the following methods, CAS will be available at:

  • https://cas.server.name:8443/cas

Executable WAR

Run the CAS web application as an executable WAR.

./build.sh run


Deploy the binary web application file cas.war after a successful build to a servlet container of choice.