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Apereo .NET CAS Client
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Apereo .NET CAS Client

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The Apereo .NET CAS client provides CAS integration for the Microsoft Windows platform via the .NET framework.


  • Supports CAS Protocol 1.0 and 2.0 and SAML 1.1
  • Supports CAS single sign-out
  • Rich support for Microsoft ASP.NET platform integration through Forms Authentication framework

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Release Notes

See for details.


The Apereo .NET CAS Client is open source software, licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

See LICENSE.txt for details.


Contributing Guide Contributors Open Pull Requests

If you have already identified an enhancement or a bug, it is STRONGLY recommended that you simply submit a pull request to address the case. There is no need for special ceremony to create separate issues. The pull request IS the issue and it will be tracked and tagged as such.

This project follows the GitFlow branching/workflow model. As such, please base all of the code changes in your pull request off of the develop branch in our repo. We will merge your pull request, if accepted, into our develop branch.

Also take a look at the Apereo Contributor Guidelines article for an more information about contributing.

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