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Simple no-frills terminal emulator using VTE -- for (x)dwm
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DWT - Dumb Window Terminal

DWT is a simple, sleek emulator based on the VTE widget. Its main features are being nice-looking (according to my personal taste), not being (very) configurable, and being a good companion for tiling window managers like DWM (or my own XDWM fork).




  • Mostly-fixed configuration:
    • Grey on black color scheme with using Linux console color set.
    • Converts terminal bell beeps in “urgent” X window flags. No visible or audible terminal bell, besides from that.
    • Non-blinking cursor.
    • Scrollback buffer, but no scrollbar displayed, to save screen real estate. Use Shift-PageUp and Shift-PageDown to scroll.
    • Keybindings to change font size: Use Super-+ and Super-- to change sizes, Super-0 to reset the font.
    • Mouse cursor auto-hide.
  • XTerm-style configurable window title.
  • Clickable URLs. Because on the Internet era being able to quickly open a browser is a must-have feature.
  • Single process, multiple terminal windows: the first time dwt is invoked, it will start a new process; in subsequent times, it will just create new windows in the existing process.
  • Uses current GTK+ widgets and code conventions. Apart from the popover and header bar widgets, modern facilities like GAction, property bindings, and GtkApplication are used.


Some settings are configurable. Each setting is located in a file under $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/dwt/. The following settings can be defined:

If this file exists, bold fonts are allowed. This can be overriden with the -b / --bold command line flag.
If this file exists, maximized windows keep a title bar instead of hiding it. This can be overriden with the -H / --title-on-maximize command line flag.
If this file exists, a DWT will let the window manager decorate the windows, instead of using a header bar provided by itself. This can be overriden with the -N / --no-header-bar command line flag.
The number of lines saved in the scrollback buffer. The first line of the file is interpreted as an unsigned integer. This can be overriden with the -s / --scrollback command line flag.
Name and characteristics of the font used by the terminal windows. Only the first line of the file is read. This can be overriden with the -f / --font command line flag.
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