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Simple no-frills terminal emulator using VTE -- for (x)dwm

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DWT - Dumb Window Terminal

DWT is a simple, no-frill terminal emulator based on the VTE widget, whose main feature is being feature-less, thus simple, lean, mean and a very good companion for tiling window managers like DWM (or my own XDWM fork).


  • Fixed configuration:
    • Grey on black color scheme with using Linux console color set.
    • Converts terminal bell beeps in “urgent” X window flags. No visible or audible terminal bell, besides from that.
    • Non-blinking cursor.
    • Scrollback buffer, but no scrollbar displayed, to save screen real estate. Use Shift-PageUp and Shift-PageDown to scroll.
    • Mouse cursor auto-hide.
  • Keyboard accelerators and default font configurable at build time:
    • Just edit dwt-config.h before building.
  • XTerm-style configurable window title.
  • Clickable URLs. Because on the Internet era being able to quickly open a browser is a must-have feature.
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