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FFLib Apex Common Sample

Dependencies: Must deploy Apex Mocks and Apex Common before deploying this library

Deploy Apex Mocks Deploy to Salesforce

Deploy Apex Common Deploy to Salesforce

Deploy Apex Common Sample Code Deploy to Salesforce

Sample Application

This repository contains a sample application illustrating the Apex Enterprise Patterns library. The aim is to illustrate fullly working sample application to better illustrate the patterns in presentations and articles. You can see a demo of this application in the Dreamforce 2013 session presented by @afawcett

NOTE: The supporting Apex Common library can be found here.

Alt text

Application Enterprise Patterns on Salesforce Lightning Platform

Design patterns are an invaluable tool for developers and architects looking to build enterprise solutions. Here are presented some tried and tested enterprise application engineering patterns that have been used in other platforms and languages. We will discuss and illustrate how patterns such as Data Mapper, Service Layer, Unit of Work and of course Model View Controller can be applied to Applying these patterns can help manage governed resources (such as DML) better, encourage better separation-of-concerns in your logic and enforce coding best practices.

Dreamforce Session and Slides

  • View slides for the Dreamforce 2013 session here
  • Video recording of the Dreamforce 2014 advanced session here.
  • View slides for the Dreamforce 2015 session here

More Information on Trailhead

There are two Trailhead Modules for Apex Enterprise Patterns:


Samples application illustrating the Apex Enterprise Patterns library




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