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MU Snipe - Snipe RSVPs for popular groups


Meetup groups are sometimes very popular, and have very limited space for some of their meetups. This hack attempts to fix that by listening to the open events streaming api and RSVPing for meetups of choosen groups.

There are two parts to this.

The sniper

The sniper’s job is to listen to the streaming API and make RSVP requests, on behalf of a user who has registered to auto RSVP for a group.

By default (there’s no custom configuration, so essentially, by mandate), the sniper listens for HTTP requests at http://localhost:9001. It supports 3 different actions

/add/<group_id>/<meetup api key>

As you might guess, this sets up a sniper for the group specified by the group_id, for the user associated to the <meetup api key>.

/del/<group_id>/<meetup api key>

This endpoint removes the sniper that was created from the above.

  • /<group_id>

This provides details as to how many snipers exist for this group.

The commander

The commander listens on, and allows you to setup snipers. The application (and this whole hack in general) are pretty insecure and use “worst” practices. It should not be made public without a major overhaul.

To use the commander, enter your Meetup API key. Upon doing this, you will be presenting with a list of the Meetup groups you are currently apart of. Select the ones you want to snipe and press the ‘Boom’ button.



My fork of itty, the Python micro framework.

Python with GDBM. (this is Unix only)


To run the sniper, python

To run the commander, python