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Drafter NPM Package Build Status

The Drafter NPM package is an API Blueprint parser for Node. This package is a wrapper around the underlying C++ parser Drafter. Drafter NPM optionally depends on the C++ binding to Drafter Protagonist. If for any reason Protagonist is not installable, this package will fallback to using the slower, pure JavaScript version of Drafter, drafter.js.


Drafter can be installed from NPM. If you want to use Drafter from a web browser, check out drafter.js.

$ npm install drafter


var drafter = require('drafter');

Once you've included drafter, you can parse an API Blueprint asynchronously:

var options = {
  generateSourceMap: true,

drafter.parse('# API Blueprint...', options, function(err, result) {
  if (err) {
  } else {

Alternatively, you can use Drafter synchronously:

try {
  var result = drafter.parseSync('# API Blueprint...', options);
} catch (err) {

Parsing Options

Options can be passed to the parser as an optional second argument to both the asynchronous and synchronous interfaces:

var options = {
  generateSourceMap: true

drafter.parse('# My API', options, callback);

The available options are:

Name Description
requireBlueprintName Require parsed blueprints have a title (default: false)
generateSourceMap Enable sourcemap generation (default: false)


MIT License. See the LICENSE file.