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languagelayer API

Languagelayer is a simple and powerful REST API built to efficiently match text of any length to its corresponding language, cross-referencing single words, expressions and grammatical constructions, as well as taking into account any existing accents, dialects and other linguistic deviations.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

The languagelayer API relies on an ever-advancing, powerful and AI-based (Artificial Intelligence) detection algorithm, which increases in complexity and performance with each language detection API request performed. Only this way the languagelayer service can be capable of processing over 170 different languages & accents worldwide.

In spite of its complexity behind the curtains, our language detection API continuously manages to stand out due to its easy-to-use REST interface, simple JSON response format, quick response time and low bandwidth consumption.

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Features & Integration

The main API Functionalities are:

  • Standard Detection: Detect any of 173 languages simply by passing in your URL encoded query text into the API's request URL.

  • Batch Detection: Use the batch language detection endpoint to request the API to identify a series of query texts at once.

  • Probability Score: Each language match comes with a probability score based on how well the respective language was identified.

  • Confidence Percentage: Responses also include a confidence percentage indicating the API's level of confidence about the detection.

  • Reliable Result: JSON response object indicating whether or not the API is completely confident about the detection result.

  • and more ...: JSON Formatting, JSONP Callbacks, Access-Control (CORS) headers, HTTPS Encryption, and more.

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In-depth Documentation

Interactive example queries, code examples (including PHP/CURL and jQuery.ajax) and integration guides are available at

Customer Support

Need any assistance? Get in touch with Customer Support.


All usage of the languagelayer website, API, and services is subject to the languagelayer Terms & Conditions and all annexed legal documents and agreements.


Free Language Detection API for 173 Languages






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