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Apiman Developer Portal

This repository has been merged into the Apiman monorepo, please go to:

A developer portal for Apiman! Allow developers to access your APIs. Developers can view and test your APIs to develop their own apps.

Landing Click here to see more pictures

Local Development

Starting the dev mode

  • Create a copy of the src/assets/config.json5 called src/assets/local-config.json5
  • Adapt the endpoint and auth.url to match you apiman and keycloak setup
  • Execute npm install && npm run start or use our provided run configuration (Jetbrains IntelliJ/WebStorm)

Linux / Windows

cp src/assets/config.json5 src/assets/local-config.json5
npm install
npm run start

Building the docker image yourself

docker build -t apiman/developer-portal:latest .

Cypress E2E Tests


  • Create the necessary users (find the credentials in cypress.config.ts) in your IDM with the following roles and locales:

    • cypress.admin - apiadmin - EN
    • cypress.user - apiuser - EN
    • cypress.user2 - devportaluser - EN
  • Login with the users in following applications:

    • cypress.admin - API Management
    • cypress.user - API Management
    • cypress.user2 - API Developer Portal
  • Adjust the following settings in cypress.json if needed:

    • baseUrl -> this url should point to your running 'API Developer Portal'-App
    • env.apiman_endpoint -> this url should be the API Management REST API

Run the tests

  • To open cypress and run the test manually in the Cypress Test Runner npm run cy:open or use our provided run configuration (Jetbrains IntelliJ/WebStorm)
  • To run all tests automatically npm run cy:run or use our provided run configuration (Jetbrains IntelliJ/WebStorm)


Detail MY Clients 1 My Client 2

Looking for support?

Scheer PAS is the platform for flexible end-to-end support of individual processes. It stands for digitization and automation, regardless of how many people, systems or companies need to be integrated.

Scheer PAS API Management is based on Apiman and offers you also enterprise support.
You may visit Scheer PAS documentation for further details.