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django-elm-auth-with-jwt is an example of how you can implement JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication using django & django rest framework as a backend and elm as a frontend.

How to run

Clone the repository:

➜ git clone

Create and activate virtualenv:

➜  virtualenv -p python3 .venv
➜  source .venv/bin/activate

Install dependencies:

../backend  ➜  pip install -r requirements.txt
../frontend ➜  elm-package install

Run migrations:

../backend ➜  python makemigrations
../backend ➜  python migrate

Start up backend:

../backend ➜  python runserver

Start up frontend using elm-live:

../frontend ➜  elm-live --port=3000 --output=elm.js src/Main.elm --pushstate --open --debug

We are done.

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