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Get free SSL certificate easily & quickly with this automated script provides 3 months SSL certificates for Free but the process to claim is very tedious and requires signing a bunch of strings manually via openssl and submitting to the website which easily takes 10 mins.

This repo automates this process and you get SSL certificate in just a minute.


  1. Make sure you have openssl installed and using Node 17.6.0+
  2. Clone this repo
  3. Run npm i or yarn
  4. Create new folders keys & temp.
  5. cp .env.example .env and set variable values.
  • DOMAIN_PEM_FILENAME and ACCOUNT_PEM_FILENAME are the names of pem files that need to be copied inside the keys folder.
    If you don't already have these files, then you can generate them by running:
    yarn gen:accountKey and yarn gen:domainKey
  1. To generate the SSL certificate, run yarn start
  2. In between the steps you'd be prompted to transfer the file generated in the output folder of this repo to your server at URL:<file-generated>
  • Once you have done uploading, press enter in the terminal to continue the process.
  1. The SSL certificate would get saved inside the keys folder on successful execution.


If the script throws some error after uploading file to your server, run yarn start again, press enter when prompted (as you already have the same file ready on the server) and the certificate would get generated successfully.


Get free SSL certificate easily & quickly with this automated script