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Trireme Project

This is the meta-repo for the Zero-Trust Trireme project.

Trireme specs

Trireme defines a protocol and specifications on how to make remote ressources such as containers, Kubernetes pods, Linux processes etc communicate seamlessly and securely. Those specification are based on the Zero-Trust concept, which requires strong authentication accross all communications.

Trireme Library

The Trireme specifications are implemented by Trireme-lib

Implementations using Trireme

The following projects use Trireme-lib:

  • Aporeto Enterprise is implemented with Trireme at its core. This implementation uses a full API and visualization in order to help you design security policies accross multiple cloud instances.
  • Trireme-Kubernetes is a minimalist implementation specifically aimed to implement Kubernetes network policies.
  • Trireme-Example is a very simple example implementation wrapped around Trireme-Lib. It can be used to demo Trireme application for Docker Containers or Linux Processes.
  • Trireme-bare-metal is an implementation of Trireme that can be used with a routed backbone.

Other libraries//utilities maintained as part of the Trireme umbrella

  • Trireme-CSR is a library that generates certificates for Trireme based on a CSR. This library got an implementation that is ready to run on Kubernetes as a controller.
  • Trireme-Statistics is an implementation of the collector interface for Trireme that sends all statistics to InfluxDB. It also contains some example implementation of visualization based on InfluxB, Grafana and Chronograf.
  • Kubepox. The Kubernetes Policy eXploration tool is a simple library//executable that can be used in order to decide which NetworkPolicy applies to which set of pods or vcice-versa.
  • TG makes issuing certificates easy. It wraps around the standard golang crypto lib.
  • Apobeer A simple policed demo application that can be deployed on multiple orchestration platforms.