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Patch for optional callback arguments? #18

jviney opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Great gem - exactly what I was looking for.

I had to modify it slightly though to allow callbacks to take optional arguments, rather than passing them through to every callback. Would you accept a patch with that behaviour?


I'm a very open person - can you explain what you mean with an example?

# Patch the hooks gem so the callbacks can take a variable number of arguments.
Hooks::Hook.class_eval do
    def execute_callback(scope, callback, *args)
      args = args_with_correct_arity(scope, callback, args)

      if callback.kind_of?(Symbol)
        scope.send(callback, *args)
        scope.instance_exec(*args, &callback)

    def args_with_correct_arity(scope, callback, args)
      if callback.kind_of?(Symbol)
        callback = scope.method(callback)

      arity = callback.arity
      arity == -1 ? args : args.slice(0, arity)

I have some hook methods that require an argument to be passed, and others that don't. I could just make them accept the argument, but they're used outside of hooks also so it doesn't really fit.


Actually don't worry about this, I've just restructured some code so this isn't a issue.


@jviney jviney closed this

Ok. I thought about it and decided to leave it as it is.

Usually, people who write hook callbacks can do this if they're not interested in arguments.

def after_initialize(*)

In your case, you seem to reuse a method for both API and as a hook callback (which is good). I just don't understand why you would send parameters to the hook, then?


Yeah I know what you mean, I was migrating old code to use your gem some of which was block callbacks expecting the first parameter to be the scope object, rather than setting it to self as your gem does. After updating the old code it's not an issue any more.

Thanks :)

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