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appng scheduler

Welcome to appNG Scheduler

appNG Scheduler is an appNG privileged application, providing job scheduling services.

Scheduler Execution Records

The scheduler records each execution of a scheduled job and also manual triggered executions. It saves the site, application and job name. It saves the start- and enddate as well as the duration in seconds. A scheduler job can provide some result information and custom data which are stored as well. Additionally the scheduler saves stacktraces if a job is interrupted by an exception.


The records of job executions are provided by a REST API. This is useful for writing monitoring checks to assure that important jobs has been executed successfully. To enable the REST API, the application property bearerToken has to be filled with a non-blank value. This bearer token is also a shared secret to be used as authentification header by the consuming application.

The API is available at:


There are some filter which can be provided as GET parameter

  • application: filter for application name

  • job: filter for job name

  • startedAfter: filter for jobs with start time is after given time (format yyyy.MM.dd hh:mm:ss)

  • startedBefore: filter for jobs where start time is before given time (format yyyy.MM.dd hh:mm:ss)

  • result: SUCCEESS or FAIL to filter for successful or failed jobs

  • minDuration: filter for jobs with a duration in seconds which equal or higher than the given value

Icinga/Nagios check script

Job executions can be monitored by icinga or nagios. A check script is available at scripts/icinga. With the range definition it is possible to check each kind of minimum or maximum number of executions for a certain job in a configurable time period. Check the usage of the script with --help


An appNG privileged application, providing job scheduling services.





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