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1.7.0 🏷 Notes

With the 1.7.0 release, we're fixing some important bugs, improving the code and build system (no more bower and upgrading to React v16.3.2), and improving the data import experience in a variety of scenarios.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixing a bug with multiple queries in the queries view #194
  • Fixing a bug where reloading of data doesn't show anything in a query view #209
  • Fixing a bug where id field wasn't ignored while inserting an array of objects #218
  • Fixing a bug where it was possible to update and delete data from the Viewing mode #203


  • Show a helpful message regarding how to fix mixed content warning when connect to a http:// scheme ES cluster with the hosted web app #195
  • Allow loading the data importer interface when user is running dejavu on a http:// scheme #194
  • Dejavu can now work from the root path, browsing to the /live path is optional #210

💥 We recommend upgrading dejavu to the latest 1.7.0 release. The release is available on Docker Hub, Chrome Store and via hosted web app.

What's Next

1.7.0 also sets the stage for 2.0.0 where we will be introducing a bunch of cool features - a search sandbox view which lets you test your search UI without writing any code and a mappings view which lets you overview your mappings settings in a glance.