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!!!! NOTE: THIS IS THE OLD VERSION !!!! The repository was split into a repository per component. Please see the repositories in

Accelerate your .Net application development.

For whom it is

For software engineers who want to build flexible, extensible and maintainable software systems, Appccelerate is an open source library of software components that makes building multi-threaded, event-based and loosely coupled systems easy. Unlike other open or closed source solutions we offer proven concepts that are used in our real world projects.

What it contains

  • Bootstrapper for starting and stopping applications
  • State Machine for building finite state machines with a fluent definition syntax
  • Event Broker for synchronous and asynchronous notifications
  • IO Abstraction for testability of operations interacting with the file system
  • Evaluation Engine for evaluating results based on aggregators and expressions with support for hierarchies and plug-ins

and much more...


You can find the documentation at

Your Appccelerate team