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AppCoda is an educational startup dedicated to develop high quality and easy-to-read iOS programming tutorials for anyone who want to learn iOS programming.

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  1. QRCodeReader QRCodeReader Public

    Barcode and QR code reader built in Swift

    Swift 248 101

  2. TextDetection TextDetection Public

    Vision Framework Demo on Text Detection

    Swift 189 31

  3. expandable-table-view expandable-table-view Public

    Expandable UITableView in iOS

    Swift 181 55

  4. FullScreenCamera FullScreenCamera Public

    A Full Screen Camera App written in Swift

    Swift 164 50

  5. SocketIOChat SocketIOChat Public

    An iOS App Demo for Socket IO

    Swift 159 73

  6. SpeechToTextDemo SpeechToTextDemo Public

    A Speech-to-text Demo App

    Swift 152 50


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