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Initial work on using libgit2 + rugged instead of plain shell calls to the git binary.

wuputah and others added some commits May 13, 2011
@wuputah wuputah refactor tests: github token setup 87fc2fd
@wuputah wuputah improve github hook support
* allow multiple projects to be built
* handle private https:// urls
* distinct error message if project is not found (404 code)
* return 403 for invalid token instead of 404
Klaus Trainer Improve AJAX reloading.
* Only automatically reload a build view if the respective build has
  not yet finished.

* Don't lose the `stderr` query parameter with AJAX requests.
Gabriel Horner add http_auth protection with optional environment variables
code from @wuputah
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Merge pull request #74 from ubilabs/development
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Merge pull request #72 from wegowise/github-hook-improvements
Github hook improvements
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Merge branch 'http_auth' of git:// into de…
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Merge branch 'master' into development 1c3a31a
Michal Bugno ffi update 119c723
@pbartunek pbartunek fixed failing test 97d31dd
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Merge branch 'master' into development 7437876
@obrok obrok Travis build configuration 57455c0
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Redesigned the application layout and the empty projects index page 1ec1b22
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Updated the FUX for no projects page 07ba3c0
Marcin Bunsch Added presenting of project errors on save 848e62a
@obrok obrok Travis build status f17a957
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Redesigned the project creation page ab839a6
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Redesigned project show 75342e0
@unsay unsay Experimenting with UI ideas. c327273
@unsay unsay Renamed class for status list styles. 95e33d7
@unsay unsay Cleaned up sidebar. Will need to test on other browsers. 99b294b
@unsay unsay Upgraded to Rails 3.0.11, moved webmock to test group, re-installed j…
@unsay unsay Made queued tag consisten in color and language. 1b6386c
@unsay unsay Added affordance with current build step. a95fe0d
@pbartunek pbartunek fixed failing test 1f74093
Łukasz Badura Introduce Rugged and libgit2. f9cf31b
@unsay unsay Added overflow back to stdout. 822aaef
@unsay unsay Fixing some logic errors. 9784dfa
@unsay unsay Cleaned up project list. a88bbaf
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Added an RSS icon, added it to builds#show as well 6d8cbc0
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Corrected edit/duplicate and remove links on builds show page ebe5895
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Some styling changed to the projects index and build listing 2b3c1fb
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Added 2.0 bootstrap 4c2066d
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Converted navbar to be compliant with 2.0 Bootstrap ed48a30
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Styling navbar, redesigned no projects page 0dfc39b
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Changed projects index 6e89a41
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Updating to projects#show for Boostrap 2.0 b87e743
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Updated builds#show 0b2374d
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Redesigned configuration entry forms 30c5b1f
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Moved around configuration editing ba40b5b
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Changed shared variable editing 58da7f0
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Changed the top link to say Home a94394e
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Fixed builds tests e8d0899
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Fixed projects specs cbf5462
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Fixing step list update and removal 329c779
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Fixing step list tests 299f193
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Fixing an issue with not working variable update 59cabef
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Fixes to the project show 10328c1
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Another overhaul 250630c
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Fixing specs after overhaul fe31127
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Fixed hook sconfiguration specs 13d7eba
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Brought back the renderer in hooks controller after triggering the bu…
…ild. Not sure why it was removed
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Fixing builds specs 911da1d
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Modyfing Travis-CI conf to work with Mercurial 5c56a44
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Updated gemfile 0692517
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Fixed specs for MySQL 30dc8b1
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Travis settings only notify me and Mike e27ae68
@antekpiechnik antekpiechnik Revert travis.yml change 866ecbe
Łukasz Badura Updated schema. e958231
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