"make test" (level 3) fails with 2 tests ("lprm Test1" and "cancel Test1") #33

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michaelrsweet commented Apr 20, 2003

Version: 1.1.19rc2
CUPS.org User: pipitas

"make test" (level 3):

2 tests failed : "lprm Test1" und "cancel Test1"

Question: I have only 2 job IDs (6 and 108) in the page_log
(both with 6 pages/1 copy, both for printer test-1). I see
however with the "flood test" there are sent 2x 100 jobs
(textfile.txt). Shouldn't all jobs appear in the page_log?

I will do more tests on other machines...


michaelrsweet commented Apr 20, 2003

CUPS.org User: pipitas

Did send this before I had finished...

It is on Linux, kernel 2.4.18, 512 MByte RAM, 1 GB Swap space, Pentium-IV, 1700 MHz.


michaelrsweet commented Apr 21, 2003

CUPS.org User: mike

Can you attach a copy of the error_log file (/tmp/$USER/log/error_log for the tests)?

Also, do you get the same results from multiple runs?

From different test levels?


michaelrsweet commented Apr 22, 2003

CUPS.org User: pipitas

I'll send the error_logs via e-Mail (I'm not sure if it is
useful for anyone to see these 2 file with 1 MB each...).

I got same results from 4 level 3 runs now regarding the
2 failed tests ("cancel Test1" and "lprm Test1"). I get
slightly varying results in the "page_log" -- but I don't
get more than 5 jobs listed, namely "2", "6", "7", "108"
and "109"...)

With level 2 testing, I don't get the two failures for
lprm and cancel.

Probably you want to change the testscript to allow for
a bigger error_log file size. My level 3 test prompted
at least 80 log rotations with the current setting of
MaxLogSize. I'll now hack it to have "MaxLogSize 0" and
repeat the exercise...

Oh dear! This produced an error_log of 125 MByte (in
LogLevel debug2) and a PDF test report of 21514 pages
(sized 20 MByte). Hmmm... now this is a good testimony to
the robustness of your htmldoc code too ;-)

I guess you won't really look at these data... I'm seeing
208 "Hint: Do you have ESP Ghostscript installed?" in the
log. Of course I have! It is 7.05.6, installed in /usr/bin/gs. And "/usr/bin/" is in the $PATH as noted (for
each single job) in the error_log messages:


For now, I will hack the script again and set "LogLevel
debug" for some more sane data size to send you....


michaelrsweet commented Apr 23, 2003

CUPS.org User: mike

This is fixed in CVS for the next release candidate.

@michaelrsweet michaelrsweet added this to the Stable milestone Mar 17, 2016

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