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This source file is part of the open source project
Copyright (c) 2014 - 2017 Apple Inc. and the Swift project authors
Licensed under Apache License v2.0 with Runtime Library Exception
See for license information
See for Swift project authors
import Basic
import PackageGraph
import PackageModel
import SourceControl
import Utility
/// An individual managed dependency.
/// Each dependency will have a checkout containing the sources at a
/// particular revision, and may have an associated version.
public final class ManagedDependency: JSONMappable, JSONSerializable {
/// Represents the state of the managed dependency.
public enum State: Equatable {
/// The dependency is a managed checkout.
case checkout(CheckoutState)
/// The dependency is in edited state.
/// If the path is non-nil, the dependency is managed by a user and is
/// located at the path. In other words, this dependency is being used
/// for top of the tree style development.
case edited(AbsolutePath?)
// The dependency is a local package.
case local
/// Returns true if state is checkout.
var isCheckout: Bool {
if case .checkout = self { return true }
return false
/// The package reference.
public let packageRef: PackageReference
/// The state of the managed dependency.
public let state: State
/// The checked out path of the dependency on disk, relative to the workspace checkouts path.
public let subpath: RelativePath
/// A dependency which in editable state is based on a dependency from
/// which it edited from.
/// This information is useful so it can be restored when users
/// unedit a package.
var basedOn: ManagedDependency?
packageRef: PackageReference,
subpath: RelativePath,
checkoutState: CheckoutState
) {
self.packageRef = packageRef
self.state = .checkout(checkoutState)
self.basedOn = nil
self.subpath = subpath
/// Create a dependency present locally on the filesystem.
static func local(
packageRef: PackageReference
) -> ManagedDependency {
return ManagedDependency(
packageRef: packageRef,
state: .local,
// FIXME: This is just a fake entry, we should fix it.
subpath: RelativePath(packageRef.identity),
basedOn: nil
private init(
packageRef: PackageReference,
state: State,
subpath: RelativePath,
basedOn: ManagedDependency?
) {
self.packageRef = packageRef
self.subpath = subpath
self.basedOn = basedOn
self.state = state
private init(
basedOn dependency: ManagedDependency,
subpath: RelativePath,
unmanagedPath: AbsolutePath?
) {
self.basedOn = dependency
self.packageRef = dependency.packageRef
self.subpath = subpath
self.state = .edited(unmanagedPath)
/// Create an editable managed dependency based on a dependency which
/// was *not* in edit state.
/// - Parameters:
/// - subpath: The subpath inside the editables directory.
/// - unmanagedPath: A custom absolute path instead of the subpath.
func editedDependency(subpath: RelativePath, unmanagedPath: AbsolutePath?) -> ManagedDependency {
return ManagedDependency(basedOn: self, subpath: subpath, unmanagedPath: unmanagedPath)
public init(json: JSON) throws {
self.packageRef = try json.get("packageRef")
self.subpath = try RelativePath(json.get("subpath"))
self.basedOn = json.get("basedOn")
self.state = try json.get("state")
public func toJSON() -> JSON {
return .init([
"packageRef": packageRef.toJSON(),
"subpath": subpath.asString,
"basedOn": basedOn.toJSON(),
"state": state,
extension ManagedDependency.State: JSONMappable, JSONSerializable {
public func toJSON() -> JSON {
switch self {
case .checkout(let checkoutState):
return .init([
"name": "checkout",
"checkoutState": checkoutState,
case .edited(let path):
return .init([
"name": "edited",
"path": path.toJSON(),
case .local:
return .init([
"name": "local",
public init(json: JSON) throws {
let name: String = try json.get("name")
switch name {
case "checkout":
self = try .checkout(json.get("checkoutState"))
case "edited":
let path: String? = json.get("path")
self = .edited({AbsolutePath($0)}))
case "local":
self = .local
throw JSON.MapError.custom(key: nil, message: "Invalid state \(name)")
/// Represents a collection of managed dependency which are persisted on disk.
public final class ManagedDependencies: SimplePersistanceProtocol {
enum Error: Swift.Error, CustomStringConvertible {
case dependencyNotFound(name: String)
var description: String {
switch self {
case .dependencyNotFound(let name):
return "Could not find dependency '\(name)'"
/// The schema version of the resolved file.
/// * 2: Package identity.
/// * 1: Initial version.
static let schemaVersion: Int = 2
/// The current state of managed dependencies.
/// Key -> package identity.
private var dependencyMap: [String: ManagedDependency]
/// Path to the state file.
let statePath: AbsolutePath
/// persistence helper
let persistence: SimplePersistence
init(dataPath: AbsolutePath, fileSystem: FileSystem) {
let statePath = dataPath.appending(component: "dependencies-state.json")
self.dependencyMap = [:]
self.statePath = statePath
self.persistence = SimplePersistence(
fileSystem: fileSystem,
schemaVersion: ManagedDependencies.schemaVersion,
statePath: statePath)
// Load the state from disk, if possible.
// If the disk operation here fails, we ignore the error here.
// This means if managed dependencies data is corrupted or out of date,
// clients will not see the old data and managed dependencies will be
// reset. However there could be other errors, like permission issues,
// these errors will also be ignored but will surface when clients try
// to save the state.
do {
try self.persistence.restoreState(self)
} catch {
// FIXME: We should emit a warning here using the diagnostic engine.
public subscript(forIdentity identity: String) -> ManagedDependency? {
get {
assert(identity == identity.lowercased())
return dependencyMap[identity]
set {
assert(identity == identity.lowercased())
dependencyMap[identity] = newValue
/// Returns the dependency given a name or identity.
func dependency(forNameOrIdentity nameOrIdentity: String) throws -> ManagedDependency {
if let dependency = self[forIdentity: nameOrIdentity.lowercased()] {
return dependency
for value in values {
if == nameOrIdentity {
return value
throw Error.dependencyNotFound(name: nameOrIdentity)
func reset() throws {
dependencyMap = [:]
try saveState()
func saveState() throws {
try self.persistence.saveState(self)
public var values: AnySequence<ManagedDependency> {
return AnySequence<ManagedDependency>(dependencyMap.values)
public func restore(from json: JSON) throws {
self.dependencyMap = try Dictionary(items:
json.get("dependencies").map({ ($0.packageRef.identity, $0) })
public func toJSON() -> JSON {
return JSON([
"dependencies": values.toJSON(),