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Estuary WWW

A website that can communicate to any Estuary node. You can make Filecoin storage deals with an Estuary node.


Make sure NodeJS 10+ is installed. Then run:

npm install
npm run dev-production

Now view localhost:4444 in your browser.

Note: If you are using another port for your estuary node other than the default port (localhost:3004), you can set the ESTUARY_API environment variable to point to the right URL. for example. to change to port 9999

$ ESTUARY_API=http://localhost:9999 npm run dev


The estuary-www frontend was built using modern day frontend technologies that requires different modules. Some of the modules may or may not be dependent on the host operating system architecture or kernel and this can cause issues when running the app.

Issue: Unhandled Runtime error

This happens when estuary-www failed to connect to estuary backend. Make sure that ESTUARY_API is set to estuary host ip and port. image

Issue: Missing modules, webpack modules

There are instances were in webpack global modules are used by different projects and this can cause some conflict with estuary-www. If you ran into an issue, run the following command

npm install -g webpack-dev-server

Contributing to estuary-www

Please refer to each project's style and contribution guidelines for submitting patches and additions. In general, we follow the "fork-and-pull" Git workflow.

  1. Fork the repo on GitHub
  2. Clone the project to your own machine
  3. Commit changes to your own branch
  4. Push your work back up to your fork
  5. Submit a Pull request so that we can review your changes

NOTE: Be sure to merge the latest from "upstream" before making a pull request!


Twitter: @wwwjim.

You can also find our team on slack